Kobi (Ian) Cooper, hired Jack as a Graphic/Web Designer

“Jack has been working on developing my website – www.tourguideofisrael.com – and while it is still a work in progress (due to delays on my end, not his), to this point Jack has been incredible. What I like best is that he always gives me options of how things could look and allows me to decide on the look and feel of the site. He is also very patient with me as I put this together, both from a stylistic and content standpoint. He is also very reliable – every time I send something to him to update he gets it up almost immediately, allowing me the comfort of knowing that when I want to update the site in real-time, he will be there for me. Even better, we have talked about his showing me how to update key sections myself so that at some point I could become self-sufficient with it. Needless to say, I have been very satisfied with our working relationship thus far.”