Philosophy major. Forbes.com contributor. Engineering web applications, professionally, full time for over a decade. Committed to optimizing, refactoring, and perfecting every aspect of the stack from UX and typography, to queries and algorithms, to wrangling servers.

Formerly Director of Web Development and Lead Full-stack Developer at ISDA. Lead Front-end Developer for Blackberry Travel’s web application. Technical co-founder of Green Prophet, the Premier Middle East environmental news site.

GoLang ♦ PHP ♦ WordPress ♦ MySQL ♦ JavaScript ♦ ReactJS/Redux ♦ Vue ♦ Website optimization ♦ Web security ♦ Systems Administration ♦ Team Development ♦ Project Management ♦ UI/UX Design ♦ Photoshop ♦ HTML5/CSS3 ♦ (Some: Python ♦ Swift ♦ NodeJS)

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