What You Can Expect

Director of Web Development. Built, and is responsible for leading, the team developing ISDA’s online presence. Extensive collaboration with all company departments, members and clients providing continuous support, coordinating multiple deliverables, and initiating creative solutions to satisfy the priorities of stakeholders. Formerly Lead Front-end Developer for Blackberry Travel’s web application. Technical co-founder of the Premier Middle East environmental news site.

Full-stack developer. Philosophy major. Team builder. Engineering web applications, professionally, full time for over a decade. Demonstrated commitment to optimizing, refactoring and perfecting every aspect of the stack from UX, and typography to optimizing algorithms, and wrangling servers.

PHP ♦ MySQL ♦ JavaScript ♦ WordPress ♦ Python ♦ Website optimization
Web security ♦ Systems Administration ♦ ReactJS ♦ HTML5/CSS3 ♦ UI/UX Design
Cross-browser compatibility ♦ Photoshop ♦ Team/Project Management